Risk Management

Leverage Risks to Create Opportunities

Risk is part of everyday life in organizations. Identifying, assessing, communicating, and controlling the exposure to risk will enable you to better create and implement structured risk management strategies within your organization. Proactively addressing risks and opportunities helps to create value for stakeholders, including funders, employees, customers and the community.

Thrive Group Can Help

Our team of professionals has developed and implemented risk frameworks and enterprise risk management approaches for over 15 years. We understand many of the risks you face in your day to day work and know how to establish the systems and policies required to mitigate risk and leverage opportunities. Thrive Group can help you with:

  • Develop a plan based on a comprehensive assessment and analysis of risks specific to your organization and sector
  • Analyze risks to identify mitigation strategies and leverage opportunities
  • Adopt a preemptive approach to risk by implementing measures across your organization
  • Integrate risk mitigation strategies into crucial organizational processes, such as strategy, performance development and governance
  • Integrate risk analysis and strategies into reports that meet your organization’s needs
  • Customize reporting to various audiences including staff, leadership and Boards of Directors
  • Reduce vulnerability and exposure by highlighting key areas and tracking progress regularly