Strategic Leadership

Lead Transformational Change and Spark Innovation

Most organizations have the leadership skills required to manage the status quo. Few have the strategic leadership capabilities to lead transformational change, spark innovation and solve “wicked problems”. Cultivating strategic leaders within your organization will increase your capacity and improve organizational effectiveness.

Thrive Group Can Help

We know first-hand how to balance the day to day requirements and pressures of meeting short-term targets with long-term strategic thinking and leadership in organizations. As professionals working in the sector we can help you with:

  • Develop and implement a strategy that creates short-term sustainability and long-term viability
  • Set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and align employees with your organizational goals
  • Establish the design and structure for your organization, existing programs and new programs that are in the ideas stage
  • Identify financial resources, human resources and key stakeholders required to ensure success
  • Know how success is defined for your organization or specific programs, quantify it and measure it
  • Develop systems for ongoing tracking of KPIs that can be customized and used with various audiences, including staff, community stakeholders and Boards of Directors
  • Develop meaningful quality frameworks that spark innovation and build on existing strengths within your systems
  • Engage staff at all levels in quality improvement to create ownership for service enhancements