Thrive Group- Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic

Thrive Group organizations continue to be committed to preventing the transmission and spread of COVID-19 with a focus on ensuring the health and well-being of our clients, residents, staff and family members. We are diligent in our precautions by taking direction from Public Health authorities and the Ministry of Health. Thrive Group is keeping people safe and healthy by:

Visitor Guidelines: Effective June 18th visiting can resume in long-term care homes and community congregate living settings. This will be a phased-in approach to visiting resumption. This approach is in accordance with Ministry directives and will continue to ensure the health and safety of clients, residents, staff and visitors. Please see the guidelines for LTC visiting here and congregate settings here.

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Our teams have been busy working to prepare for visits starting June 18th. We are required to adhere to the restrictions and precautions as outlined in the Ministry directives in order to ensure we continue to maintain the health and safety of all residents, clients, visitors and staff. Please review our guidelines for visiting here.

At this time, visits can be booked by calling the location’s reception Monday-Friday during business hours. We are currently piloting an online booking system at our Binbrook location using this link. If this works successfully we hope to expand this option to all our locations.

The directive from the Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding essential visitors will remain in place during this Visitor Reopening Phase. Hospitals, long-term care homes, retirement housing, supportive housing and congregate care settings will continue to permit “essential” visitors into our homes. Essential visitors are defined as “those who have a resident who is very ill or at end of life”. Decisions relating to who can visit will be made at the discretion of the Administrator or designate.

We will continue to refine visiting protocols as we receive on-going direction from The Chief Medical Officer of Health and our Public Health authorities. Although still somewhat limited, we are very excited that visiting will be resuming again at our locations. We know that this has been, and will continue to be a challenging time for everyone and we want to thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation. The health, safety and well-being of our clients, residents, staff and family members still remains our number one priority.

Screening – All staff, contracted workers and visitors are being actively screened, including having their temperature checked prior to entering any of our sites. In addition, all staff in our long-term care and congregate settings are screened at the end of each shift. We are following all ministry directives for screening and restricting entry to buildings to anyone that screens “positive”. This includes anyone that has traveled outside of Ontario in the last 14 days. In addition, all residents and clients are screened twice a day for any respiratory symptoms or fever.

Physical Distancing and Hand Hygiene – We continue to urge our staff, (when not working), and the families of our clients and residents, as well as our own families and friends, to stay home as much as possible and continue to practice physical distancing. Physical distancing helps to slow the spread of the virus, taking the pressure off our health care workers and the hospital emergency rooms. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of washing your hands thoroughly and often. Keeping hands and nails clean, and not touching your face, is one of the best things we can all do to keep ourselves and each other healthy.

Universal Masking Of All Staff - All of our staff are required to wear a mask during shifts. This measure prevents transmission of COVID-19 should someone be ill and contagious but not be displaying any symptoms. This strategy provides added protection to residents, clients and staff.

Food Items or Perishable Gifts. – Unfortunately we are no longer accepting delivery of food items to our long-term care homes or congregate settings. This increases our ability to reduce potential risk of the virus entering our homes and community locations.

Limiting Delivery of Non-perishable Care Packages - We understand how difficult it is to be apart from your loved ones at this time. We also know that sharing gifts and care packages is a way of staying connected to your loved one. However, we must ask that gifts and care packages are limited as much as possible. Again this helps us to reduce the risk of the virus being transmitted into our homes and community settings. We know that the virus can remain on a variety of surfaces for up to 72 hours. Therefore, any care package deliveries for residents and clients will be set in storage for a minimum of 72 hours as recommended by Public Health.

Pandemic Preparedness Activities – All areas of our business have activated Pandemic Plans to ensure that all essential care and services can continue. Continuity plans, supply chain, and equipment management processes are all being monitored and adapted. The Public Health Ontario website has many resources and fact sheets available for health care providers and the public.

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Updates from the CEO


July 1st, 2020

I want to extend my best wishes to you and your family for a Happy Canada Day. Today is Canada’s 153rd birthday! Whether you will be spending time with friends and family around the barbeque, have scheduled a visit, virtual or in person, with your loved one, or are working at one of our seventeen locations, this Canada Day will certainly be very different from any other we have ever experienced before. Around the world, Canada is recognized as a respectful, diverse and compassionate nation.

As Canadians we freely share our resources, invest in our children, care for our seniors and support those who may not have the means to always support themselves. Yet, we have still room to improve, and much more to learn. Today we cannot go to large parties, gather for fireworks in our local parks or celebrate in the usual way. Still, I encourage you to still find time to celebrate in your own special way and remember what it means to be part of this truly wonderful country.

So far, we have had a year full of uncertainties, frustrations, and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Yet we as Canadians have stepped up to do our part to keep our friends, our families, and our neighbours safe. We have kept our distance, we have worn a mask to the store, we have washed our hands, and we have stayed home and limited ourselves to only essential trips. We have learned how to stay connected with technology, work from home, demonstrated patience in the long line ups at stores and adapted to our new normal. We have done all of this and much more in a joint effort to reduce the spread of the COVID virus, flatten the curve, and help to ensure that our hospitals and emergency rooms have the capacity needed to care for those who need them most.

Here at Thrive Group, we embody what it means to be Canadian. We are people helping people and caring for those who need our support. Just as I am proud of my country, I am also proud of our dedicated staff. Thank you for everything you do to keep our residents and clients safe, healthy and happy. Thank you to our residents, our clients and their families for your understanding, unwavering support, and trust during these extraordinary times.

Thank you to everyone who is working over the holiday so that others can get some time off to spend with family and friends. I hope you all find some time throughout the week to relax and reflect on just how far we have come as an organization, a community and a nation.

Wishing you and your family a peaceful and happy Canada Day.


Steve Sherrer


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