Thrive Group- Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic

Thrive Group organizations continue to be committed to preventing the transmission and spread of COVID-19 with a focus on ensuring the health and well-being of our clients, residents, staff and family members. We are diligent in our precautions by taking direction from Public Health authorities and the Ministry of Health. Thrive Group is keeping people safe and healthy by:

Visitor Guidelines: As you are aware, indoor and outdoor visits are both happening at our sites. The ministry has revised the visiting guidelines again which you can see here. We have also updated our visiting policy for our Thrive Group sites which you can review here. The COVID-19 situation is being closely monitored and necessary changes made to the visiting policy will be amended as directed by the Ministry directives and local public health officials and will continue to ensure the health and safety of clients, residents, staff, family members and visitors.

Our Idlewyld and Binbrook sites have adopted the online booking system for booking indoor and outdoor visits. Other sites can book visits by calling the Home’s reception Monday-Friday during business hours.

We will continue to refine visiting protocols as we receive on-going direction from The Chief Medical Officer of Health and our Public Health authorities. Although still somewhat limited, we are very excited that visiting is happening at our locations. We know that this has been, and will continue to be a challenging time for everyone and we want to thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation. The health, safety and well-being of our clients, residents, staff and family members still remains our number one priority.

Screening – All staff, contracted workers and visitors are being actively screened, including having their temperature checked prior to entering any of our sites. In addition, all staff in our long-term care and congregate settings are screened at the end of each shift. We are following all ministry directives for screening and restricting entry to buildings to anyone that screens “positive”. This includes anyone that has traveled outside of Ontario in the last 14 days. In addition, all residents and clients are screened twice a day for any respiratory symptoms or fever.

Physical Distancing and Hand Hygiene – We continue to urge our staff, (when not working), and the families of our clients and residents, as well as our own families and friends, to stay home as much as possible and continue to practice physical distancing. Physical distancing helps to slow the spread of the virus, taking the pressure off our health care workers and the hospital emergency rooms. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of washing your hands thoroughly and often. Keeping hands and nails clean, and not touching your face, is one of the best things we can all do to keep ourselves and each other healthy.

Universal Masking Of All Staff - All of our staff are required to wear a mask during shifts. This measure prevents transmission of COVID-19 should someone be ill and contagious but not be displaying any symptoms. This strategy provides added protection to residents, clients and staff.

Food Items or Perishable Gifts. – Unfortunately we are no longer accepting delivery of food items to our long-term care homes or congregate settings. This increases our ability to reduce potential risk of the virus entering our homes and community locations.

Limiting Delivery of Non-perishable Care Packages - We understand how difficult it is to be apart from your loved ones at this time. We also know that sharing gifts and care packages is a way of staying connected to your loved one. However, we must ask that gifts and care packages are limited as much as possible. Again this helps us to reduce the risk of the virus being transmitted into our homes and community settings. We know that the virus can remain on a variety of surfaces for up to 72 hours. Therefore, any care package deliveries for residents and clients will be set in storage for a minimum of 72 hours as recommended by Public Health.

Pandemic Preparedness Activities – All areas of our business have activated Pandemic Plans to ensure that all essential care and services can continue. Continuity plans, supply chain, and equipment management processes are all being monitored and adapted. The Public Health Ontario website has many resources and fact sheets available for health care providers and the public.

Resident Absences:

On August 28, 2020 the Ministry of Health (MOH) communicated changes to restrictions related to LTC resident absences from the home. Resident absences fall into 2 different categories:

  1. Short Stay absences are for health care related, social or other reasons and do not include an overnight stay, with the exception of single-night emergency room visits. These visits will not require testing or an isolation period upon the resident’s return to the home.

  2. Temporary absences are for personal reasons and for one or more nights. These visits will require the resident to self isolate for 14 days upon their return to the home and COVID testing will be completed as we would for any re-admission. Homes have been directed to review and approve all temporary absences based on a case-by-case risk assessment that encompasses the following principles:
    • The homes ability to support self-isolation for 14 days upon the resident’s return
    • Local disease transmission and activity
    • The risk associated with the planned activities that will be undertaken by the resident while out of the home
    • The resident’s ability to comply with local and provincial polices/bylaws
    • Any further direction provided by the MOH

Please see the Thrive Group Information for Resident Absences document for additional information. We look forward to continuing to support the safety of our residents, clients and families as restrictions continue to be removed. Enjoy this time together!

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Updates from the CEO


September 21, 2020


I hope that everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the pre-fall weather. It is to be warmer this week as we enter fall so I hope everyone makes the best of the warm and sunny days.

I continue to be pleased to inform you that we have no active COVID-19 cases at any of our 17 sites.

We continue to exercise all precautions as directed by the provincial government. As the provincial numbers continue to be higher relative to some of the summer daily numbers, we will continue to monitor these as well as any new directives from the government.

As always, I will post any updates on this website should any significant changes occur.

Please continue to be diligent to ensure the health and well-being of all of our residents, clients, staff and family members. Have a great week.


Steve Sherrer


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