Thrive Group- Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic

Thrive Group organizations continue to be committed to preventing the transmission and spread of COVID-19 with a focus on ensuring the health and well-being of our clients, residents, staff and family members. Thrive group programs are geographically in multiple regions, however we typically follow the most conservative guidelines so that we can be proactive and stay ahead of the recommended safety measures. We will continue to assess these precautions as we continue to monitor local cases counts and updates from our Public Health Authorities and the Ministry of Health.

As we are now in step 3 of the Road Map to Reopen, Thrive Group is keeping people safe and healthy by:

Vaccinations – The provincial vaccine roll out is continuing with great success. We are encouraging all eligible residents, clients, staff, caregivers, friends and family members to get the COVID-19 vaccine! We continue to support all residents, clients, staff and essential caregivers in receiving their vaccine. Thrive Group's immunization policy can be viewed here.

Active Screening – All staff, contracted workers and essential visitors are being actively screened prior to entering any of our sites. We are following all ministry directives for screening and restricting entry to buildings to anyone that screens “positive”. This includes anyone that has traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days and has been advised to quarantine. In addition, all residents and clients continue to be screened for any COVID-19 symptoms or fever.

Surveillance Testing – Our long-term care homes and community sites have implemented rapid testing for all staff, essential caregivers and visitors to the homes to identify any asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. At this time, out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to continue with surveillance testing for everyone entering our homes. In the coming weeks we will re-evaluate this measure and make changes based on what is happening locally in our communities.

Gathering and Physical Distancing - We continue to urge everyone to follow the public health directions about gathering and physical distancing. Physical distancing at visits is now dependent upon vaccine status. Please see our visiting guidelines.

Hand Hygiene –We cannot emphasize enough the importance of washing your hands thoroughly and often. Keeping hands and nails clean, and not touching your face, is one of the best things we can all do to keep ourselves and each other healthy every day.

Universal Masking - All of our staff, essential caregivers and visitors are required to wear a mask when in the home. Please review the visiting guidelines and Essential Caregiver Guidelines for further details about personal protective equipment. Residents and clients that are able to tolerate a mask are asked to wear a mask when receiving care or services, when in common areas or when visiting with others. This measure prevents transmission of COVID-19 should someone be ill and contagious but not be displaying any symptoms. This strategy provides added protection to residents, clients and staff.

Essential Caregiver Visits – Residents/clients (or their substitute decision maker) of our LTC and congregate settings are permitted to designate essential caregivers that will be permitted to visit the home once they meet the criteria outlined in the visiting policy and Essential Caregiver Guidelines.

General Visiting (Indoors and outdoors) - General visiting is permitted at LTC and congregate settings. All general visits must be booked in advance. Each program and site has determined the capacity levels for visitors and processes for booking these visits..

Resident and Client Absences - Medical, palliative/compassionate and essential absences all continue to be permitted. All residents/clients can now go on social and temporary (overnight) absences. For more information on the types of absences and criteria for planning an absence, please review the guideline document here.

Management of Care Packages and Food Delivery – We know that the virus can remain on some for up to 72 hours however transmission risk is considered to be low. Therefore, any care package deliveries for residents and clients must be disinfected (when possible) upon entry into the home (72 hour holding period for items has been discontinued).

Pandemic Preparedness Activities – All areas of our business have activated Pandemic Plans to ensure that all essential care and services can continue. Continuity plans, supply chain, and equipment management processes are all being monitored and adapted. The Public Health Ontario website has many resources and fact sheets available for health care providers and the public.