Get the Numbers Working for You

Our Thrive finance team will work collaboratively with you to achieve the desired financial results for your organization. We can support your organization in an ongoing capacity or during a transition period. Our staffing complement provides services ranging from accounts payable clerk to CFO level support.

  • Work with your current systems to prepare internal monthly financial statements and provide analysis for your management team
  • Meet compliance reporting deadlines with accurate information for your funders and stakeholders
  • Understand and complete your reports within required timeframes
  • Prepare in advance of the audit to ensure a smooth audit process, minimize stress and unexpected audit fees
  • Leverage our finance team’s extensive experience overseeing annual audits of many organizations in various industries
  • Ensure sufficient cash on hand to pay current expenses
  • Develop tools that monitor cash flows that help your organization plan for short-term and long-term cash needs
  • Develop well thought out, realistic budgets to help your teams proactively plan for what they need
  • Use budgets to minimize overspending allowing you to focus on your mission and vision
  • Identify, develop and maintain strong financial controls and procedures
  • Conduct perpetual monitoring and develop an integrated strategy for risk mitigation
  • Ensure accurate and timely billing to aid in cash flow, and be confident that incoming invoices are approved and correctly remitted in a timely manner

Thrive Group Can Help

Our team of finance experts has spent decades working in the sector and knows firsthand the challenges you face. As professionals actively working in the field we know that accurate and timely financial reports are critical for your management team to make sound decisions. Let us help you with: