Human Resources

Cultivate, Engage and Inspire your People

Developing and engaging the people within your organization inspires them to deliver results. No one will argue that an effective recruitment and on-boarding process saves time and money further down the line. We all understand the value of streamlining the scheduling process, writing solid HR policies and developing meaningful training programs. Yet in busy organizations, when faced with conflicting demands, often the development of such HR systems must take a back seat. Let us help you put in place meaningful HR processes and practices that will create efficiencies and maximize the skills and talents of your people.

Thrive Group Can Help

Our team of HR experts brings years of experience to the table. Currently working within the sector, we understand your challenges and can offer practical solutions. Let us help you with:

  • Align HR management with the strategic plan of your organization to improve organizational effectiveness
  • Maximize your human capital to meet strategic goals and operational plans – the right people, with the right skills, at the right time
  • Uncover employee strengths and ignite their passion
  • Inspire people in your organization to offer more of their potential and capability every day
  • Develop onboarding processes to seamlessly integrate new employees into your organization
  • Attract and retain the talent you require to deliver beyond targets
  • Become an employer of choice so qualified candidates seek you out
  • Whether your organization is unionized or non-unionized, we can help you reduce people problems, manage conflict, improve collaboration and increase employee engagement
  • Experience hassle-free labour negotiations and union contracts
  • Leverage your volunteers and students; significantly add to your organization’s capacity
  • Lead them effectively so they continue to contribute to your organization’s strategy
  • Take the headache out of scheduling by using systems and processes to guide managers and supervisors
  • Leverage employee strengths by matching them with shifts best suited to their abilities and the needs of the organization
  • Assess existing policies to identify gaps and develop new policies as necessary
  • Align all policies to legislative requirements and organizational strategy