June 8th, 2021

Hello Everyone,

The announcement yesterday that the province is moving into Step 1 of the Roadmap to Reopen as of Friday June 11th is a welcome one, as we all look forward to enjoying our summer months. In addition to these provincial changes, there are a number of changes that are being made to the precautions currently in place in our LTC and community congregate sites related to visiting, absences and eye protection.

We are now seeing some evolving precautions for residents/clients and visitors based on being FULLY VACCINATED. (Fully vaccinated means you are 14 days post your second/final vaccine of the vaccine series.) Screening tables at our sites may be asking to see your COVID-19 vaccine documents as we work to implement these new Ministry directives. As always, we are keeping our website current with all updated information so please be sure to check the website frequently as additional modifications are expected as we progress through re-opening the province.

Eye Protection

  • As of June 9th, FULLY VACCINATED essential caregivers will no longer be required to wear eye protection during their visits. Eye protection is still a requirement for unvaccinated and partially vaccinated essential caregivers and all staff, students, volunteers and contracted workers.

General Visiting

  • General visiting continues to be in place for outdoor visits. Please review the guidelines for general visiting here.
  • Starting June 9th, physical distancing requirements will be adapted to allow general visitors and residents/clients to have brief hugs at their visits - regardless of vaccine status!
  • If residents/clients and general visitors are both FULLY VACCINATED, close contact and hand holding is permitted during general visits.
  • Residents and clients that cannot visit outdoors related to mobility or health status, will be permitted to have one general visitor indoors. That visitor will be required to complete rapid testing prior to the visit. These accommodations will be limited to individuals that meet this criterion and will be planned in collaboration with the care team at the site.

Resident and Client Absences

  • Medical, palliative/compassionate and essential absences all continue to be permitted.
  • Starting June 9th, FULLY VACCINATED residents/clients can now go on social and temporary (overnight) absences. For more information on the types of absences and criteria for planning an absence, please review the guideline document here.

Surveillance Testing (Rapid Testing)

  • Starting June 9th, any staff, visitor, caregiver, student or volunteer that has previously been infected with COVID 19 will now be required to participate in rapid testing starting 90 days after their positive test result.

If you have any questions about the new precautions, please speak with one of the leaders from your site. We anticipate more changes in the days and weeks ahead as the province continues with reopening.

Take good care,


Steve Sherrer


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