March 31st, 2021

Hello everyone,

Last year, we went into this long weekend with a sense of trepidation, not sure what to expect, or what our holidays were going to look like. Now, as we face the second Easter in this pandemic, it does not seem any easier knowing that our celebrations must still be limited so that we can keep ourselves and those we love safe and healthy.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all of your endless patience over this past year. As the first glimpses of spring bring some much-needed relief from the now all too familiar feeling of being stuck indoors, we must remain vigilant in our efforts to keep potential exposure as minimal as possible. I know it has not been easy and I understand that many of our staff will spend time working over this long weekend caring for our clients and residents. I also know that as family members, many of you will have different celebrations some virtual over this coming weekend.

As I write to you now, vaccinations are being administered across the country, with the most vulnerable and exposed among us being prioritized. We are in the beginning stages of defeating COVID-19, but we will get there! A few months ago, we started our #thrivecrushingcovid campaign to cheer on those who have been vaccinated and those who are eagerly awaiting their turn. Everyone has done an incredible job championing this campaign. For those of you who have been vaccinated, you are an inspiration to everyone for doing what is right and coming together to help us crush COVID!

Whether you celebrate Easter or simply recognize the coming of the new season, Spring represents a time of growth and rebirth, and never has this felt more true. In the days when this pandemic is nothing more than a memory, we will be able to share stories of this often difficult, sometimes inspiring and always incredible journey that we have taken together.

My hope for you over this long weekend is that you are able to find time to spend with your loved ones in whatever way you can. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Look after yourselves, look after your loved ones and look after each other.


Steve Sherrer


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