Developing a Centre of Excellence

The Current Status of Centres of Excellence within Ontario

Currently there are three LTC organizations in Ontario that are considered to be Centres of Excellence and are hosting Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care (CLRI) and are mandated to enhance quality of care and living for residents across the province. The Ontario CLRI is funded by the Government of Ontario and hosted at Baycrest Health Sciences (Toronto), Bruyere (Ottawa), and the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (Waterloo). The collective expertise, resources and partnerships of the host organizations help advance the Program's provincially mandated goals. Thrive is exploring the opportunity to be the next Centre of Excellence in Ontario. Currently, St. Peter's Residence at Chedoke is a best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO designated by RNAO). Idlewyld Manor has become a BPSO pre-designate. Other Thrive Organizations are preparing to submit a candidacy proposal for designation through the next RFP.

Why Thrive?

Thrive Group is the umbrella organization overseeing four other non-profit, charitable corporations. It functions as the Head Office where Senior Leadership, Human Resources, Finance and Information Technology are based. AbleLiving Support Services and Capability Support Services are Thrive member agencies that provide various forms of assistance to clients in the community who have disabilities or frailties. Idlewyld Manor and St. Peter's Residence at Chedoke, also members of Thrive Group, are long-term care homes located close to each other on Hamilton mountain.